• Northam Airport

    Northam WA 6401, Australia .
  • Windward Ballooning

    Northam Airport .

    Hot Air-ballooning across the Avon Valley from April - November. 

  • Northam Country Club & Golf Course

    Wood Drive .

    Northam Country Club

    ........a game of GOLF, a hit of SQUASH or TENNIS?, or simply want a pleasant place to socialise with friends?

    Then the Northam Country Club is where you need to be!

  • Avon River

    Minson Avenue, Northam .

    Visit the beautiful Avon River that runs through the town and valley - all the way to Perth. 

    There are many walk paths around and across the river which you can see white swans, ducks and beautiful country scenery.

    Make sure you walk across the longest suspension bridge in Australia and have a coffee at the beautiful Rivers Edge Cafe which overlooks the water!!